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Brand Strategy Session

Elite Vivant  Brand Strategy Session
Strategy leads to clarity

It’s more than a plan.

Are you struggling with direction within your business? There may be some inconsistencies between your brand’s identity how your audience perceives it. You may have found yourself with a business plan and no results. That’s because strategy is far more than a plan. Strategy positions yourself in front of your competition in a way that’s uniquely yours. It culminates the best of what your brand does into one package and pivots you to the forefront of your industry. It builds a stronger bridge between you and your ideal customers.

At any point of your brand’s lifecycle, you may find yourself stuck. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where you stand in the eyes of your audience and your competition. What separates you from them, and what brings your audience closer to you? Strategy is the only way to fully understand this, and to use your strengths to pivot yourself in front of your competition as a frontrunner in your industry. The modern attention span is short. Learn how to captivate it for the long haul.

Let's Talk About Your Strategy!

How does it work?

In our strategy sessions we will:

Outline your aspirations and use them as fuel for your strategy
Position yourself in front of your competitors by outlining your countering strengths from theirs
Use your strengths to better understand how to achieve your goals
Create your buyer’s persona – understanding of your ideal demographic
Learn how to use your buyer’s persona to cater to your ideal demographic
Find the tools you need to succeed along your path (including media tools)
  • Brand Strategy Session
  • $ 300.00 1Hour Session Fee
    • Building your buyer’s persona to give you a detailed look at your audience
    • Carefully identify actionable goals with the essential digital marketing tools
    • Run an evaluation on your current digital channels and assets to see what works and what doesn’t
    • Audit and plan your earned media campaigns for the best results
    • Audit and plan your owned media campaigns for the best results

After your session:

Our biggest goal with your brand strategy session is to give you a heightened sense of clarity between you and your customers. It’s easy to miss what they need when you don’t know the in’s and out’s of branding, or when you’re in the middle of a rebrand. Strategizing is the best way to clarify both of these situations for everyone involved.

After your session, we’ll put your strategy into a Brand Strategy PDF. This PDF is a unique tool that can be shared with everyone in your team that is affected by this new strategy. Having one place for everything that you learned with us ensures that this strategy is implemented across the board. 

Understand metrics.

As you implement your new strategy, it’s important to track your metrics. Our Elite Reports Dashboard gives you a live look at your metrics to gauge how you’re doing. Also, for the first three months following your session, you’ll receive a report that will showcase your growth and online presence. Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive look at your numbers.

Need a Follow-Up?

We’re still here for you after your session. That’s why we offer a follow-up call. Whether the strategy provided perfect clarity and you need a little extra push, or you’re looking for a little more direction, a follow-up call is available for purchase to help you with your goals.

Helping you achieve your goals is our goal.

Follow-up Call: $250

Not ready to schedule your call?

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Brand strategy sessions can help you at any stage of your business’s life cycle. These sessions aim to give you a clearer image of your business, and what was preventing you from achieving your goals.