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12 Self-Love Ideas for Your Mind, Body and Business

Refresh and rejuvenate yourself to be the best you possible.

Business isn’t all about numbers and cashflow. Behind every successful business is a team or partnerships with hardworking people. Your self-care is just as important to your success as the numbers. If you’re not taken care of, it’ll begin to show in your work. Here’s 12 self-love ideas for you to become your best self:

1. Remember to schedule in time for sleep. It’s easy to substitute work for productivity. However, not getting an adequate 8 hours every night can take a toll on your workday. Studies show that lack of sleep can cause fatigue, irritation and forgetfulness. These are three things you want to keep out of the office!

2. Try to read for business and pleasure. Reading is a great way to expand the mind. Balancing your intake of fiction and nonfiction content helps keep your imagination flowing.

3. Commit to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, it feels like you need to set aside positive diet and exercise routines in order to get everything done. Even setting aside an hour a day to meal prep and do a quick workout will make a huge difference!

4. Find new ways to organize your life and business. There are loads of different methods to keep track of your routines. Separating your business and life planners may be helpful if you find yourself feeling scatter-brained.

5. Remember to schedule “me-time.” As cliché as the phrase is, it’s immensely important. Obviously, it’s easier said than done. Try giving yourself an at-home spa day! This can mean anything you want it to. Simply relaxing in a hot bath can make all the difference.

6. Encourage healthy communication with your team. A stressful workplace can translate to your home life. If you communicate effectively and responsibility with your staff, you can create a positive and productive environment for everyone. This includes setting clear boundaries and rules.

7. Establish team-building exercises. These don’t have to be anything excessive. It can even present itself in the form of a company golf day! Anything that makes you feel closer as a collective unit.

8. Let yourself stand-out. This can be both as a leader and a business. When you feel unique in your industry, it’ll show in your success. What’s the fun in being like everyone else?

9. Learn breathing techniques. When you’re a business leader, you will often need to participate in public speaking. Most people have to learn to love this aspect of business with time. Learning breathing techniques can help you stay at ease before, during, and after your next big presentation!

10. Schedule in socialization. It can feel daunting writing in coffee dates in your planner. But, remembering to allow yourself the freedom to socialize rejuvenates your energy at work. It’s also helpful to bounce back with creative ideas from friends!

11. Decorate your space. While you want to appear professional, it’s important that your office belongs to you. This can mean having memorabilia from your favorite hobby, or photos of friends and family, surrounding you while you work. Having these reinforcements allows you to feel comforted and motivated.

12. Give yourself a treat. Sometimes, it’s easy to put everything into your business. Giving back to yourself is important, too! Whether it’s the new bag you’ve been eyeing or tickets to see your favorite band, allow yourself to feel spoiled. You’ve earned it!

Overall, success in self-care is just as important as success in numbers. Even taking an hour out of your busy day to take care of yourself will make all the difference! The best part is, when you take care of yourself, you’re taking care of your business, too!

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. ” – Deborah Day

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What a Workflow Process Means for Your Productivity

Having a clear workflow process can drastically improve your performance. In fact, a workflow process will help you implement productive strategies to get projects done efficiently and on time. 

As you navigate these waters, any size project can appear to be intimidating to map out. This is where a workflow process comes in.

One of the biggest perks of working as you build your business is learning about what works and what does not. So while you expand you are able to implementing workflow processes early on that can transfer over once you eventually build your team and grow.

What Is A Workflow Process?

A workflow process is, in short, is the way that a project gets done using a solid set of rules. Having a process to get work done isn’t always the easiest to execute. They are in fact a great way hold yourself and/or team accountable to a defined tasks.

Types of Problematic Workflow Processes

While building a workflow process, it’s worth it to consider problematic processes that are often used in established teams. This way, you can avoid them in the future and prevent your productivity from plateauing.

In an already established team, one of the most common types of workflow processes is called a “legacy process.” This is one that’s been in place for many years. The issue that arises with these is that there may be a hard time parting ways with an old way of doing things. If you consistently keep different kinds of processes in mind for each of your projects, this will impact your productivity overtime. You’ll constantly be adapting, and those who work with you will have to, as well.

Additionally, other workflow processes can come in from outside sources. Tasks become difficult this way since you can’t control what the outside sources do. There is also the kind of process that requires a tool to complete tasks. Objectively, this isn’t always a roadblock. But, sometimes it does affect flexibility and therefore results. However, the worst option is to have no workflow process at all. That won’t get you anywhere.

Think About the Big Picture

This is a lot like breaking down a to-do list. If you have the bigger picture in mind, it’s much easier to create smaller tasks. In turn, this is a great start to and how we create a workflow process for our clients.

A good place to start would be to create a checklist. Next, analyzing how to tackle each task head-on will help make projects appear less daunting. If you’re working collaboratively, now is the time to assign roles. Assigning the correct leadership dynamic is the final step in finding out how to effectively get things done.

Defining Your Workflow
  • Make diagrams for yourself. Make sure that these include realistic expectations so you aren’t overwhelmed with your work.
  • Once everyone involved in the project is on board, come up with a more cohesive plan of action.
  • Any tools needed to complete a project should aid the process, not create a roadblock.

Communication is key in business as it is in relationships! If you’re working by yourself, this could be in regards to communicating with a client. Making sure everyone involved in the project is on-board ensures that nobody is overly stressed. The top killer for productivity is stress, as stress leads to confusion.

Optimizing Your Workflow Process

Now that you have the pieces of your puzzle laid out, it’s time to think about efficiency. Automated systems are the simplest way to do this. These programs help with tracking tasks and they update them in real-time.

Automated systems also help you stay focused. Not only are notifications helpful reminders, but having a specific space to look at keeps yourself organized. What’s even better is, you’re notified when tasks are complete!

Is Your Workflow Working?

Once you’ve followed all the steps to create a workflow, it’s time to be honest with yourself. Did this workflow process benefit you? What worked and what didn’t? If anything seemed redundant, you’ll know to eliminate that for the next project. This is where a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system as well as a Project Management system also beneficial. Understanding what took longer will help you create more accurate workflow processes.

Implementing workflow processes into your projects gives you a better understanding of productivity. You’re made more accurately aware of what you’re supposed to do, and therefore there’s less room for error. Also, there are more opportunities to spread work out between different tasks. Overall, the missing piece to your productivity puzzle may just be a solid workflow process!

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How to Make a Business Plan That Will Help You Revive & Thrive in 2020

A solid business plan will carry you to new heights as the decade begins. Organization is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a tool that essentially encompasses the essence of your business. It’s equal parts strategy and description. It’s also a vital tool. The right plan can allow you to raise yourself to new heights within your field. One of the most important factors when creating a business plan is the time you put into it. Like any tool, it is only as good as the effort you put into using it.

Why do you need one?

Again, this is going to take a bit of personal determination. When you choose the audience that you’ll be sending your plan to, your intentions become a bit more clear. For example, if you’re sending it to potential investors, highlighting your financial strengths is a good idea. A general business plan will be much more broad in its themes.

How to make a business plan

Now that we have the basics covered, it’s time for the fun part. There are several different components to look for when you sit down to write out your plan. Think of:

  • Your audience
  • Your desired results and business goals
  • Your product
  • Your expertise

Organizing these sections separately will ease the process and make sure you’re creating an efficient body of work. Make sure to emphasize the research you do while curating it. This will determine what makes you stand out in your industry and what to highlight. Also, having a good company description (the “about me” on your website) will allow you to stand out from the very start. Finally, remaining adaptable will make room for new clients while increasing productivity so you don’t have to completely redo your business plan each time.

  • Spend more time researching your product and marketing strategy than writing your plan
  • Approach this empathetically. Clients will notice emotional connections between you and your business
  • Don’t use overly complex language. Make sure your audience understands what they’re reading

Having a sturdy business plan will benefit you in ways beyond surface-level rewards. Expanding your audience connects you to people who can help you accomplish those big goals you wrote out at the beginning of the year. Plus, having a clear vision for your business benefits everyone involved.

Let us help you bring your business plan to life! Complete our New Client Questionnaire so that we can understand your needs and provide the best fit solutions.

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