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Elite Vivant  Email Marketing

Get ready to navigate your potential and returning customers through an email marketing strategy that will engage them through your sales pipeline?

Email Marketing is a direct line of communication to those who have expressed interest in your product or service. However, many companies opt-out of this useful tool because they just don’t know how to effectively use it.


We create a strategy and design elements that communicate your message to your audience and or audience types. Your emails will be targeted with the mission of  driving conversions.

EMAIL TYPES: Newsletters | Lead Magnets | Lead Nurture/Drip Campaigns | Automation | Re-marketing

What we help you improve upon  

  • Increase Open Rate & Click-Through Rate
  • Design Personalization & Imagery 
  • List Clean Up/Organization 
  • Key Messaging Strategies for each audience type
  • Meaningful Call-To-Actions
  • Email Campaign A/B Testing 
  • Email Insights & Reporting 
  • Utilizing Insights to Improve Strategy
Grow Your Business With Email Marketing!

Our Collaborative Process


Research & Discovery


Messaging & Visual


Setup & Testing



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you setup email marketing accounts?

If you do not have an existing account we can setup your account of a recommended email marketing platform. You however will be responsible for any fees and must set that part up yourself.

Who will write effective copy for our email marketing campaign?

Once you provide an outline and keywords we will carefully curate content that is engaging and serves the intended objective of your email marketing strategy.

How will we increase subscribers to our mailing list?

Based on your objectives we will provide a Lead Magnet or Content upgrade solutions that encourage your target audience to subscribe to your mailing list.

How will organize and clean up my email list?

We will group your list if you have information already available to do so as well as remove bounced emails that are effecting your open rate.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, all email marketing solutions come with reports throughout the lifetime of the project engagement.

Do you provide images and graphic?

Yes, we provide licensed images safe to use in your email marketing strategy. Based on your content we find images that align with the messaging you want to relay.