Powerful Email Marketing Strategies
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We support your business goals with email marketing strategies that will empower you to consistently deliver valuable content that is educational and engaging and leads your dream clients and decision-makers to take action.

Partner with us and Experience: 

Consistency with an Email Marketing Calendar

Stronger relationships through targeted messaging

Clear Call to Actions that lead to growth in revenue

Email Marketing Strategies for Service-Based & Nonprofit Businesses

According to Forbes, “Email Marketing is still the most powerful tool to take your business to the next level.” 

The reality is that you don’t own Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social platform you use to communicate with potential dream clients and decision-makers. If they shut down, and you don’t have people’s emails, you can kiss those valuable relationships you’ve spent time and effort fostering bye-bye.

Let us take care of the setup, copy, and scheduling of your email campaigns so that you can have a system that reinforces that you are the go-to expert.

Lead Nurture Campaign

Send your lead magnet and guide your subscriber through a series of 5-6 automated emails to build a strong relationship that educates your potential them about your brand and services.

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks 

Investment: Starts at $1500+

Email Marketing Campaign

Go beyond the basic one-off emails, and let us put a strategy together that will help you deliver weekly emails  to cater to your subscribers' specific needs and lead them to a conversion.

Timeline: 2 Weeks 

Investment: Starts at $1500+ 

Event & Promotional Email Sequences

Launch an email sequence that will create buzz, boost sales or sign-ups, ensure attendance, communicate post-event for feedback and keep the momentum going.

Timeline: 2 Weeks 

Investment: Starts at $1500+

Discover The Power Of Email Marketing

Through this process, we will help you:

  • Research & Strategize high-value lead magnets worthy of your target audience’s email

  • Setup your email marketing platform, subscriber list, and forms

  • Create copy that aligns with your customer journey and explains how you provide value, whether we need new or reworded copy

  • Follow best practices to increase subscribers’ open rate

  • Track conversions by creating a conversion web page and goals in google analytics

  • Pull Reports & Understand your data based on key metrics

What’s it’s like working with Elite Vivant?

I have collaborated with Latifah on several branding and digital marketing campaigns and she has been excellent! She has a knack for listening to the client and coming up with graphic assets that evoke and immediate visceral response.
Petia Abdur-Razzaaq
Digital Marketing Stratgeist at The Stylista Group
I have known Latifah for many years, and the longtime- friendship/client relationship has resulted in a new website that my clients have told me they love the style and how easy it is to find what they are looking for. My Marketing to promote my hair care line is also supported with Social Media Graphics & Emails. Based on the reports Latifah provided, I learned that my Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale had a 682.34% growth compared to the previous year.
Tameeka McNeil-Johnson
Celebrity Natural Hair Artist at Jaded Tresses
As someone who has worked with several marketing firms, I really appreciate having Latifah as someone I can go to for reliable marketing services. I enlisted her services in creating a landing page and social media images to promote an up-coming event launch. Latifah went the extra mile making sure that I had my email campaigns set-up to support my launch and created great looking images which were easily editable for my chosen social media platforms.
Akeisha Johnson
Business Leadership Coach at An Inspired Story Coaching


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email campaign?

An email campaign is a series of emails based on accomplishing one goal. It is often geared towards nurturing a lead to book a call or purchase.
Without being all up in people's faces, we recommend a healthy amount of campaign emails, 5- 8 emails, to build a strong connection. 

What is an evergreen newsletter

An evergreen email or newsletter is high-value content to help your subscribers solve a problem or provide a resource that can get them one step closer to solving something. We recommend a weekly email strategy to provide consistency and position you/products/services as their go-to expert/ source of information.

What email platform should I use for my email marketing

All email platforms are not the same. While all have automation in free or paid versions, one may be more compatible with your email marketing goals. We will recommend the best systems we love for free with the ability to upgrade as your email marketing list grows.

How can I get people to join my email list?

To grow your email list, you 1st need a high-valuable piece of content (lead magnet) to offer people in exchange for their email.
That is one of many steps you need to promote your offer through social media accounts, videos, or even referral programs. We can help you create a process to ensure you are promoting in various places to increase awareness.

Should I buy an email list?

NO. Buying an email list is a quick way to get your emails filtered, put your account at risk, and decrease the chances of the email reaching your subscriber's inbox. You only want to send emails to people who wish to receive emails from you.

If you have a list, we recommend finding those people on Linkedin and building a genuine relationship where you can later introduce your offer and see if they find it valuable. We can help you with this!

Who writes the copy for the email?

We provide new content or can even rework copy you provide to ensure it follows best practices and guides the reader to what you would like them to do. While we research and ask intensive questions, you know your business the best, so an outline is always best. You have final approval, and the messaging will align with your brand personality.

How often should I send email campaigns?

The amount of email campaigns you send varies on your marketing goals. Each campaign aligns with a lead magnet or goal, so if you serve multiple audiences, you will want multiple campaigns to ensure the messaging speaks directly to that audience.

How will we measure email success?

After each mail and campaign, you will have access to your reports. We measure key metrics such as inbox delivery, open rate, and how many people took action.

Can my emails integrate with my client relationship management system?

Yes, we will need to use Zapier to allow the systems to talk to each other. Zapier is free for five connections. You must sign up for your account and provide us with access.

Can my email be automated?

Yes, this is the best way to provide consistency and ensure that you are taking advantage of an opportunity to send important information to your email subscribers.

Hey there, I'm Latifah

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We’re a boutique creative branding and marketing agency that understands that no two clients are alike. We will approach your project with a customized strategy that starts with an in-depth conversation and research to ensure we work from a place of knowledge to achieve your goals and position you and your brand among the Elite.

What Makes Us Special?

Our People Make Us Special. When you partner with my team and I, we bring over ten years of experience and the lessons “mistakes” that have helped us grow and evolve to create a space where resilience, grace, and getting it done all live in harmony. We are not team no sleep – nor mass confusion, and we don’t want you to run your life and business that way either.

We strategize for a broader scope of your business objectives through our streamlined processes and abilities to specialize in branding, web design, brand content, and workflow design. Our #1 mission is to ensure cohesiveness throughout all your marketing channels and a better way to run your business. We are ready to get started if you need us for one-time support or ongoing as part of your growth team.


An ELITE Experience = SUCCESS

Click each section to learn more. When you agree that our expertise and experience are for you, we invite you to fill out our dream client application at the bottom of the page and start the journey to a better way to do business.

Your project will start with a Project Kickoff Call. Here we will set expectations, review your project scope, tech tools, timelines, who is responsible for what, answer questions and do a brain dump that will be useful to our strategic plan.

Data-Driven Strategy is essential. We pride ourselves in conducting intensive research, including target audience analysis, competitive analysis, brand audits for existing brands, and other research to gain insight to develop a strategy that helps you achieve a positive outcome for your brand.

We cannot complete this project without you. We need you to participate, be open to new ideas and information, and be honest with your feedback and input. We will also assign a questionnaire to gather additional information and require as much detail as possible. Requests for feedback are due within 3 business days to maintain the project timeline. 

To keep everything tidy, we will create a shared media folder to house your creative assets, copy, and anything required to complete the project. We will also have a deliverable document, so no one is wondering where to find something.

For transparency with your project, we will invite you to a free private project management board in Asana that allows us all to track, manage and communicate feedback and approval requests.

Aside from Asana-our powerfully project management tool, we also pre-schedule meetings between completing one milestone and starting another for any additional clarity or questions and answers. All meetings are conducted over Zoom’s Video Conferencing Platform. Calls are secure, recorded, and added to Asana Board for reference purposes.

4 – 8 hour in-person or virtual implementation day(s).
Only projects that include WordPress Web Design, Workflow Design, and CRM Account Setup will require a VIP day.

We will keep it real with you and welcome discussions that give room for growth. Our recommendations are supportive and continually add value to your business objectives.

Don’t think your email marketing campaigns should be set up and addressed. We recommend checking your reports monthly and quarterly to make any necessary improvements. We offer you training and video tutorials to maintain the health of your email marketing campaigns. Many of our clients want to get to work and leave the rest to us, and we are glad to support you that way.

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