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CLIENT: Jaded Tresses Salon

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CLIENT: Jaded Tresses Salon

About Jaded Tresses

Jaded Tresses Salon is Full-Service Salon with locations in New York City and New Jersey. They are dedicated to promoting healthy hair and provide a variety of services, classes, events and training opportunities.


  • Develop a brand new business site that is cohesive to brand’s image and voice
  • Perform Site Traffic Analytics to establish an ongoing strategy
  • Create an effortless user experience
  • Collect Site Visitors Emails for Email Marketing
  • Integrate Social Media to strength authenticity and engagement
  • Implement a fully responsive solution supported by WordPress 
  • Implement e-commerce functionality for consumers to purchase products
  • Implement an Operation Process to communicate updates and order details 


Jaded Tresses came to us ready to launch a clean user-friendly website with measurable results.
Though their previous website had lots of content it was outdated and they needed a clear Style Concept, Analytic Tracking, and Lead Generation Tools.

We developed a structure that would be user-friendly for clients and customers looking to book an appointment, shop The Curl Crush Products or inquiry about events and training opportunities.

Style concept

Jaded Tresses had a strong existing brand. Our task was to create cohesiveness throughout the new web design. We used their logo as guide for the colors we would use in the overall site design. For typography we selected Times New Roman for the Headlines to deem respect and Arial typography paragraphs to signify a clean modern look. 

Ready To Launch

The new Jaded Tresses website is a clear indicator of the brand’s authority and credibility as a leading expert in The Hair Care Industry. The Sleek new look highlights the services, knowledge and product offerings delivered by The Jaded Tresses Team. The Site Structure and overall flow creates a seamless user experience and garners an increase in email, appointment, e-commerce conversions.

3 Month Report- Measurable Results

16.7k Events Received (Facebook Pixel 11.14-12.12)

+2084/153.43% increase in email subscribers (constant contact)

26,655 New Users (Google Analytics)

New York – Top Viewing City (Google Analytics)

232,709 Page views (Google Analytics)

15,146- Social Acquisitions (Google Analytics)

87.99% Goal Conversion Rate (Google Analytics)

0.36% Bounce Rate (Google Analytics)

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