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About Latifah

Headshot Photography San Francisco Bay Area

Raised in Ithaca NY, Latifah at an early age recalled trips to The Big Apple. The style, magnetic energy, and inspiration that pumped through the city continued to call her. Immediately after High school, Latifah headed back to the city she loved and would call home. She started her career with an education in Cosmetology and Makeup Artistry and has contributed her talents to Fashion Shows, Editorials, Theater and Film.

With an enthusiasm for the creatives, Latifah continued to develop her skills and integrated other aspects of the Beauty and Design industry. For the past 10 years, she has been adding pieces to her creative puzzle. Additional she is excited to learn new facets of Creative Design and implement new ideas.

Today she masters Photography, Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Email Marketing, and the full suite of Social Media Engagement. Her clients are impressed by her artistic capabilities, passion, positive attitude, as well as the depth of her skills. Her portfolio covers a wide area of projects in personal branding, fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Today Latifah resides in the heart of Silicon Valley and is available for short and long-term projects, Interim Creative Director, and or Director of Marketing.

Constant Contact Certified