Interview: Naomi Charice - Elite Vivant

Interview: Naomi Charice

Get to know Naomi Charice of Crowns By Naomi Charice

What drew you to the beauty industry?
I love everything about the beauty industry!
I have always had a natural draw to hair, make-up, fashion and all things beauty. Being able to recreate and reinvent one’s look with beauty tricks and tips gives me a feeling that I can’t describe, but is only given when I am operating in the beauty industry. It’s passion!
I absolutely love how you can change a person’s life, confidence and look with hair and makeup.

What cosmetology school did you graduate from and when?
I attended and graduated from Fremont Beauty College in 2007.

When did you start Crowns by Naomi Charice?
I made my very first wig in 1999. The feeling I had after I completed the wig, put it on and received compliments compelled and pulled me-severely. At that time Cancer was becoming very real (to me) and I knew I wanted to create wigs for people suffering from hair loss due to Cancer. I wanted to offer them the same feeling I had when I put my wig on.

Since that time (1999) I had studied all things wigs; how they are made, different ways one can be made, the hair used to make them, how and why people wear them, etc. I decided that, in order for me to provide the very best service, education and information to my clients I needed to educate myself and, so, I did. After I graduated from Beauty School I went straight into a salon operating as a stylist however, I was making wigs as well.
In 2014 I decided to leave the salon full time and operate my wig business. Crowns by Naomi Charice became a full time business in August of 2014.

When you make a custom crown for someone how does it make you feel?
Oh goodness! The feeling I get when I attach a Crown or deliver one and the QUEEN is beyond happy is amazing. I receive pictures, text messages, e-mails and private Instagram messages on a regular from my QUEENS on how they are “SO in love” with their Crown and how convenient and beautiful it. It is a feeling I can’t describe. It goes beyond the financial for me. It’s a feeling of pure bliss that only Crowns by Naomi Charice provides. My heart is happy and energized each and every time I make a custom Crown.

I do all my work with grace and ease. I absolutely LOVE what I do.
I specialize in making women look great from the top of their Crown. 🙂
I pride myself in providing outstanding service and products and I love educating women on the benefits of properly wearing and Crown. All of this gives me an unexplainable feeling that I enjoy; immensely.

What is the best thing you hard from a client after they wear your crown?
I remember receiving a text message from a young lady who had been dealing with depression- deep depression. Her hair was falling out and she was in need of “something new”. I provided her with some guidance on selecting the best style for her and how adding a pop of color can give her a bit of sass without any damage at all. Once I delivered her Crown we tried it on and when I gave her the mirror to look at the final results she cried. She was amazed at how she could look with a simple yet effective service offered at Crowns by Naomi Charice. Not only was she happy this new look renewed her self-confidence immediate. I instantly saw her “swag”- her confidence standing tall and I was, yet again, touched and proud.

Do you name your wigs? If so what is your favorites name?
Of course I name my Crowns. My absolutely favorite Crown is the “Tyra” Crown. “Tyra”, a layered full- bang look, can be as basic as a Cooperate Manager wearing it needs to be or as sassy as a boutique owner requires it . It’s a unit that I personally have in a few different lengths and colors.

What Marketing tools do you use to create and build your brands awareness?
Currently, I market my business with: Instagram (Naomi.Charice) and also on my Facebook business page; Crowns by Naomi Charice.
Be on the lookout for my website….it’s coming soon!

What are some current hair trends that you are loving right now?
Hair trends I love: Balayage in brown palettes and bobs! I love playing in color; subtle color. Balayage allows one to play with color providing a more softer outcome (highlighting) than the normal foil highlighting does. It’s all freehand color placement and I LOVE it!

What hair/wig trends should disappear forever?
Can we get rid of the blunt cut bowl look? Please! I mean, for goodness sake it’s boxy, without character and plain ole’ boring.
I do make these style Crowns upon request, but my preference would be to add texture, color and layers to feminize the look.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a successful wig specialist?
Anyone can make a wig, but it takes passion to create a beautiful and flawless canvas. Make sure you are creating every wig with passion in addition to attending on-going education classes that will set your wigs apart from the average wig maker.

Do you have any specials coming up?
For the month of June you can get a custom made bob for only $150 ($75 savings) when you provide your own hair.
Most importantly how can people get in touch with you about purchasing a crown?
I proudly service the Bay Area and can be found here:
Instagram: Naomi.Charice
Facebook: Crowns by Naomi Charice
Telecommunications: (650) 921-4942

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