Now Accepting New Clients For May 2019 🎉

New Business Launch!

Elite Vivant  New Business Launch!

You can create the life you want doing what you love. If anyone tells you otherwise know that they simply shrink in fear while you are FUELED BY IT!

Yes, starting a something new takes work but that is for everything in life and it is NOT an excuse to reduce your gifts to the world.

Now is the time to ignite your passion and magnify your potential otherwise how will you show the world how amazingly talented you are.

According to American Express 1,821 Women-Owned Business were started each day between 2017 and 2018 and the pace is quickly increasing. We are no longer waiting for opportunities to come our way. We are creating our own.

Let’s Get Started on this fulfilling Journey together. So you can say YES I DID IT!


With our integrated approach of Strategy, Design, and Implementation, we are able to create a comprehensive plan of action that will allow your brand/business to compete in your market.

We understand that services and/or products may be different however the fundamentals required to Go To Market are similar.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own. We are here to help!

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  • New Business Launch Essentials
  • $ 3500.00 starting at
    • Brand discovery call to learn more about your brand and the opportunities you seek.
    • Brand Style Guide
    • Logo Design
    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Collateral
    • Branding Photography Session  (Personal and/or Products)
    • Website Development
    • Hosting and Email Setup
    • Email Marketing Setup
    • Client Email Templates
    • Social Media Banners
    • Digital Marketing Strategy Discussion
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