Phase One

The Definition & Strategy Phase

Elite Vivant carefully dives deep into your brand to understand all its unique aspects. Brand Blueprints are designed to help newer brands discover and implement strong messaging and powerful marketing strategies. Brand Audit to Blueprint best serves more established businesses. Elite Vivant deep dives into all the essential KPIs to discover areas of strength and opportunity. These processes last between 6 – 12 weeks, depending on the size and stage of the business. 


Brand Blueprints and Brand Audit to Blueprint provide:

  • Strong marketing strategies to elevate your brand and connect with your target audience
  • Clarity around areas of strength and opportunity and how to build an effective marketing strategy 
  • Insights to understand the necessary marketing budget to achieve your goals
Phase Two

The Content Creation Phase

During this phase, Elite Vivant executes the strategy provided by the Brand Audit to Blueprint or Brand Blueprint. Our team also creates the marketing collateral to showcase your brand. This stage usually lasts 1-3 months and varies based on the amount of marketing collateral and assets in production.


The Implementation Project deliverables vary based on services selected. Some examples of deliverables are:

  • Marketing Assets and Collateral to highlight the unique factors of the brand
  • Website design mockups
  • Photography and content to utilize in social media campaigns
  • Email nurture campaigns to guide buyers through their journey
Phase three

The Distribution Phase

Elite Vivant dedicates a range of hours to work on marketing services and endeavors formulated in your Brand Blueprint each month. We also offer a Flex Marketing Collateral design that does not exceed 2 hours or 2 pages to meet your monthly marketing needs. 

Additionally, all Retainer based projects include Analytic Reports. Our Monthly Reports are backed by an in-depth, time-stamped analysis of key data and supported by a 15 minute monthly call as well as a 60 minute quarterly call. The Retainer Project requires a 3 month minimum to start and then can transition into a month to month arrangement.


The Retainer Project provides a variety of deliverables, such as:

Marketing endeavors in social media and email

Web care packages

Digital advertising