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Elite Vivant Project Terms & Conditions

Missed Calls 

Project Status Meetings are designed to make sure the project stays on track to meet essential project deadlines. In the event that the client misses a scheduled call, it is the client’s responsibility to reschedule.

Projects with Multiple Parties 

Oftentimes, projects involve tasks that include other members of the client’s team. All participating parties, as well as their responsibilities, need to be disclosed at the project kick off call. Tasks will be assigned accordingly in the Project Management System to ensure tasks are completed within the scheduled delivery time. 

Delay in Pre-Kickoff Onboarding Tasks

The initial 2 or 4 weeks before the project kickoff of all projects involve an extensive discovery and research phase. 

This ensures knowledge and clarity that is the foundation for strategy throughout the lifespan of the project. 

The Pre-Kick off Tasks will include 

1. Intake Questionnaires

2. Organizing of Existing Company Details and Resources (if applicable)

Pre-kickoff Tasks are due 3 – 7 days before the kick-off call so that the Elite Vivant Team has time to analyze the data, formulate responses, and seek any necessary clarification.

If the pre-kick off tasks are not completed within the 3 – 7 day timeframe, the project kick-off call will be rescheduled based on a new submission time. 

General Overdue Tasks

Client Tasks are assigned in the Asana Project Management Board. During Our Project Status Meetings, we will discuss upcoming tasks that will be assigned to you. Timelines may vary depending on the workload, usually varying from 3 days to 2 weeks.

At the time Elite Vivant is assigning tasks, please note that the overall project time frame needs to be considered. Any overdue tasks will hinder and delay the project. We recommend checking the Project management board daily and updating us with any delays.  

Project Delays

Projects are subjective to an overall 1-2 week extension based on Elite Vivant’s Current Workflow.  If a delay of a task occurs, please notify Elite Vivant of the new completion date and contact your project manager, Rachel, through Asana. 


Communication is a top priority for The Elite Vivant Team. To ensure clarity and avoid miscommunication, please use your project management board or email to communicate with the Elite Vivant Team.

Note: We are unable to respond to text messages!

Misalignment with Elite Vivant Workstyle

Streamlining operations is a top priority for our team, so in order to mitigate project obstacles and maintain project deadlines, please communicate any concerns, issues, or project task delays as soon as possible via Asana or email, in order to preserve project dates. Though our mission is to elevate and support our clients goals, we also understand that our workflows are not for everyone. If there is frequent misalignment or multiple {more than 3} client task delays during a project or phase, Elite Vivant has the right to terminate the project without refund.