Let’s Work!

Branding & Marketing Solutions that LEAD the way to BETTER BUSINESS!

We offer four strategic services that support your business internally and externally to build the successful business and life you deserve.

Full Service Project

A Full Service Project tailored to branding and marketing solutions that elevate important aspects of your online presence. All projects are customer-centric and include research and strategy to see the big picture from the beginning. 

Solutions can include

  • Audit of Brand and Social Media Channels
  • Creation of Digital Storefront "Web Design" 
  • Email Marketing Automation: Copy Outline, Design, and Scheduling
  • Email Marketing Management: Copy Outline, Design, and Monthly Scheduling
  • Social Media Management: Graphic Design, Caption Writing, and Scheduling
  • Graphic Design of Marketing Collateral: Presentations, Proposal outline, and more
  • Network Growth Plan to connect you with centers of influence and decision-makers in your industry. 

Timelines vary based on the # of solutions within your project, which we can discuss during your consultation. 

The average client investment is $10,000 for a project with three or more solutions. 


Strategy and implementation-based day where our powers unite, and we get to brainstorm, answer questions, and do the work to fast-track the solutions to the most pressing issues on your priority list.

This 1 Day Intensive is perfect for coaches, consultants, and nonprofit organizations ready to elevate their business in-depth.

Best Used For

  • CRM Account Setup
  • Automation Setup
  • Project Management Setup and Training
  • Workflow Intensive
  • Web Design with 3-5 pages
  • Launch Strategy For masterclass or workshop
  • Social Media Caption Writing 

Due to the intensity and brain power usage, we only offer 4 VIP Days per month.

In-person meetings in Los Angeles, CA, Travel & Virtual Options are available.




The Power Hour Call

One hour where you ask all your questions and pick my brain. No question is unworthy of being asked if the answer can help you overcome a hurdle in your business.


  • Premeeting questionnaire to to understand what you want to discuss
  • A recording of the meeting
  • List of Resources
  • Meeting Notes

We can look at your social media, workflows, or anything you want to discuss during our power hour.










Personal Brand Photography

Let's create powerful, confident, and beautiful images that tell your story of who you are, what you do, and what makes you stand out to connect with your target audience so that they get to know you, like you, and trust you. 

Best Used For 

  • Digital Storefront "Website"
  • Business Profiles
  • Social Media Graphics and Profile Images
  • Press Releases 
  • Cross Marketing Opportunities
  • Blog Posts 
  • Everywhere!

Session Types

  1. 30-minute power session (specialty days)
  2. 2-hour sessions (great for teams or those who want more images) 
  3. 4- hour sessions The Full Personal Brand Experience



popular questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the highest caliber of customer service to our trusted clients and potential clients. We have composed our most commonly asked questions to help you make the most informed decision for your business.

How do I prepare for my consultation?

To best prepare for your 30 minute consultation, please identify your goals, assess what you have and what you need to get there, and your ideal timeline. From there, we will answer any questions you have, strategize an optimal plan to help you achieve your goals, determine your start date and completion date, as well as determine what ongoing support your business will need.

How do I secure my project date?

Elite Vivant is a boutique agency, and as a result we have limited availability in our schedule to secure a start date since we operate on a first come first secured basis. In order to secure the project start date after your consultation, please promptly review the quote, sign the contract, and submit a deposit. If you have any questions about the quote, please be sure to schedule a quote review!

How are projects managed?

We pride ourselves on open communication with our clients! All projects are managed via Asana, where you will receive daily updates about your project and allow you to give feedback about the project. If you don’t have experience with Asana, do not worry as we will teach you how to use it! Additionally, all projects begin with a Project Kick-off Meeting to meet the team who will be working to complete your project. 

What responsibilities do I have in the collaborative process?

Your passion fuels us, and we love to collaborate with clients to help them achieve their goals! In order to best work with us, please answer the intake questionnaire, emails, and reply to Asana boards in order to give the best input and feedback possible.

How do you handle delays?

Our team strives to meet all project deadlines by clearly communicating expectations at the Project Kick-off. However, delays do occasionally occur, so we make sure to clearly communicate the project progress on your Asana board and inform you about any possible delays. Sometimes, delays occur as a result of a change in business or other factors. Unexpected events happen and that’s okay! Please email us if an unexpected event will incur a delay of your project; projects that will experience a delay of 2 weeks or greater will require another meeting to determine a new start date for the project.

How do you handle out of scope requests?

During the consultation, we endeavor to gather as much information as possible to lay out all the solutions in order to avoid any changes mid-project. However, change order requests are reviewed based on the team’s current workload; additionally, they require a written change request as well as a new invoice. Usually, we are able to accept the new scope of work and begin work after the completion of the initial project.