Transform Your Business & Become Unstoppable

with our VIP DAY!

Our VIP Day is a full strategy and implementation-based day where our powers unite, and we get to brainstorm, answer questions, and do the work to fast-track the solutions to the most pressing issues on your priority list.

VIP days are perfect for coaches, consultants, and nonprofit organizations ready to go in-depth to get to the next stage in their growth plan.

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VIP Day - Elite Vivant

Deep Dive


Action Plan


Implement Strategy

What we Can Focus On

How The VIP Day Works

There are many moving parts to successfully running a business; some tasks can get lost, consume too much time, or stop you and your business from running efficiently and effectively. VIP days are the perfect way to ensure your business goals have a clear plan of action to elevate your business in just ONE day!

Each VIP Day includes Pre-VIP Homework 1 week before your VIP day so that we are ready to dive into work immediately! The agenda will be based on priorities and presented at the beginning of the day. The goal is to see a priority to its completion. If a priority takes longer to complete, the agenda will be altered. For example, if we are making improvements or starting from scratch.

Our Sample VIP Day Agenda

  • 1 Week Before Pre-VIP client homework so that we’re ready to dive into work right away.
  • 1 hour: Discuss strategy, review priorities, and set expectations.
  • 2 hours: Work on the Implementation of one or two priorities
  • 30 minutes: Lunch Break
  • 4.5 hours: Work on the Implementation of one or two priorities
  • 30 minutes: Wrap up and Discuss Next Steps

Important Notice

Our VIP Day is a dedicated day from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM to work on your list of priorities within the timeframe. It is not deliverable based; for this reason, we recommend focusing on one - four priorities for a VIP day that is preferable in the same category. You will need to book an additional VIP day or half-VIP day if we do not have time to complete your priorities. We will discuss your options during our intake meeting before you schedule your VIP Day.

So what can we accomplish in a day? GROWTH!!

A VIP day will elevate your business by allowing you uninterrupted engaged time to dive deep into the obstacles in the way of your ultimate success. Each VIP day varies on your 2-4 top priorities. Here are some samples of how we turned priorities into results.

Priorities into Results!

  • Set up your Client Relationship Management system allowing you to communicate with clients and collect payment with ease
  • Setup, Implement, and Train your team on a Project Management Strategy to improve productivity and communication.
  • Create a Landing Page and Supporting Email Automations for an Upcoming MasterClass or Workshop to provide a user-friendly experience that increases the opportunity for conversion.
  • Amplify Your Online Presence with a Social Media Strategy and guidance on caption writing to provide a consistent value-based presence online.

One Less Thing To Worry About!

After your VIP day, you have one or more priorities off your to-do list, and you feel proud to have set aside the time to complete tasks that impact and elevate your business. 

Here are a few ways we support you after

  • Documented process of anything we worked on

  • 30-Day Access To Our Resource Library with customizable templates and video tutorials. 

  • 1: 1-hour meeting - 30 Days after your VIP Day. 

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VIP Day Investment - Elite Vivant


Superpowers Unite

Your Investment

$1250 -$2500

Due to the intensity and brain power usage we only offer 4 VIP Days per month. Session take place at our location in Playa Vista, CA 90094. 

If you are outside of Los Angeles ask about our travel or virtual options. 


Don't just take our word for it. See what our clients say.

We believe in creating a space where resilience, grace, and getting it done all live in harmony. Where our clients feel seen, heard, valued, and confident that when they entrust us with their dreams, we will provide a vision that will make an impact in their lives, those around them, and whose problems they solve. We have proudly harnessed so many superpowers, and it fuels us to be a supporting role in someone else origin story.

I began working with Latifah last year to direct my marketing promotion efforts and focus my messaging. She was fantastic in helping me organize many aspects of my business marketing. This year I enlisted her services in creating a landing page and social media images to promote an up-coming event launch. Latifah went the extra mile making sure that I had my email campaigns set-up to support my launch and created great looking images which were easily editable for my chosen social media platforms. As someone who has worked with several marketing firms, I really appreciate having Latifah as someone I can go to for reliable marketing services.
Akeisha Johnson
Business Leadership Coach at An Inspired Story Coaching
She helped by implementing specific productivity tools aligned with our business goals for us to capture and grow our client base. She not only provided guidance but she engaged with us every step of the way to ensure we were properly trained on how to continue to maintain and grow our business. She is a visionary, a leader, and a professional that goes the distance for her clients to ensure their success.
Sheryl Grant
CEO & Founder of Sheryl Grant Enterprise


popular questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the VIP Day place?

We are based in Los Angeles, CA- the meeting will take place in Playa Vista, CA 90094. The address will be provided in your confirmation email. 

Can I bring my team?

Yes, if there are process in your company that involve employees, contractors etc... and their input matters the invitation is also extended to them. 

What if we do not finish all out priorities within the VIP day?

VIP days are time-based, not deliverable based. We want to set realistic expectation upfront. If a priority/task starts from scratch, it can take longer than if we are making improvements. We will discuss estimated timelines during a consultation.

lets get to work

Book Your VIP Day!

Let’s schedule your VIP Day so we can get to work. We must make the most of our dedicated time together, so based on your priorities, you will receive some homework 1-week before your VIP day.

Follow the steps to see the VIP day availability, answer a few questions so we can tailor your day, and submit your payment to secure your date.