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Congratulations on having the courage to do something life-changing for your business/brand!

You are now among the passionate entrepreneurs who understand that to achieve your objectives you must invest in the outcome you desire. Your website is the most important investment you will make. It is the bridge that showcases your expertise and positions you in front of your ideal customer. It is not an option it is a requirement.


We design websites for a variety of entrepreneurs with a Client-Centric approach to Increase Conversions and Qualify Leads. Through a unique collaboration our clients are more prepared for success. 

WEBSITE TYPES:  Business | Business Directories | E-commerce | Educational | Landing Pages

Take a peek at a few of our ADVANTAGES:  

  • Cohesive Branding
  • Experienced in a variety of Industries
  • Solutions for every stage of your Business Life-Cycle
  • Integration of a Visual & Concept Designer
  • Comprehensive Launch Blueprint
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data-Driven Systems
  • Flexible Payment Plans
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Our Collaborative Process

Diverse Industry Knowledge, Methodology and Process equip us to provide the best solutions allowing you to THRIVE! 






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Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative Efforts

Who decides the website design?

Considering every project is a fully collaborative effort. Your feedback is sought out from the very beginning. We present 3 website template themes as part of our Homework Phase. During the assignment, you will complete a questionnaire detailing your likes and dislikes. We will only move forward with a design once the questionnaire is complete.

How long will the process take?

The Process for a Web Design project is either 8 or 12 Weeks. Depending on which timeline you select. Both options involve the same process. We understand that while you are seeking a better bridge between your brand and customer that you may also be actively working. So for this, we offer a realistic timeline with a 2-week buffer built into our process in the event of unforeseen delays.

What Platform will you build the website on?

We exclusively build all website on the WordPress platform. This guarantees responsiveness, integration of third-party tools, user-friendly design as well as client-friendly maintenance once the site is marked complete and turned over.

Will my current website be down?

No. If you have an existing website the build of your new site will not interrupt your business operations. The new website is built on our private server at liquid web and is transferred to your hosting after the project is complete.

How will I maintain or update my website?

Every web design project comes with a 1-hour video walk-through via zoom. This video will also be recorded for you to refer to when you need to make content updates.

Additionally, if you choose to host on our private server for an additional fee you will get monthly site backups. If you are independently hosted you are responsible for website backups.

Our website content update fee is $150/per page

How are delays handled?

Delays happen and we are aware and the most important thing is to stay focused. With parties in mind, proper communication is required. If life throws you a curve-ball send out an email at your earliest convenience- we will do the same.
The great thing is we build in a 2-week buffer into all of our webs design projects. This can be the difference in a project finishing before schedule or right on time.

Please note delays can only be pushed out 2 weeks past deadline if more time is needed. Once a project goes past the 2 weeks set completion date. The project will pause and the remaining balance is due to reactive the project.

What We Need

What do you need to start developing a website?

Upon completion of the deposit, you will receive a few homework assignments as part of Phase One. The homework will address key project details and will need to be completed within 1 to 2 weeks of delivery. Projects will not move to Phase Two until all homework is received.

Who will host my website?

You can, of course, host your website. You will need to call your provider to ensure that they can host WordPress based websites.
We recommend Bluehost or our liquid web private server.  Elite Vivant is not responsible for hosting issues.

OPTIONAL: Host on our Dedicated Server| Domain and Hosting $149.99/year *billed annually | Unlimited Emails | SSL Certificate |24/7 Hosting Support through our third-party provider- Liquid Web.

Do I need to purchase my own domain?

Purchasing your domain is required unless you are hosting on our private server in which we bundle your domain and hosting together.

What if I don't have a logo?

You are in Luck! We have a logo designer on our team. In our pre-quote questionnaire, you can disclose that you may need one and we can include the add-on services to your web design project.
Your logo design add-on comes with a creative-brief questionnaire that will be due within 1 week of receiving to start the logo design.

Do I need to write the copy for my website?

Yes, you are the expert of your products and/or service you provide so you will need to provide a typo-free and grammatically correct copy.

For an additional fee, we can expand on the copy framework and write your copy or review an existing copy.

Do you provide image for the website?

You can provide images or we can. If you provide images be sure that you license them or they are copyright free. We are not responsible for any fees that may occur from the photos you submitted.
If we supply the images they will best match the copy you provide. If you do not like the images we selected you will need to supply the replacement image with 3 days of provided feedback.