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We empower service-based entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to build powerful brand ecosystems that fuels growth, success and positive change.

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Founded in 2016, Elite Vivant is a branding and marketing agency that believes in three core principles: connection, collaboration, and distinction. Our name reflects our mission: ‘Elite’ signifies our commitment to excellence, setting your brand apart from the competition. ‘Vivant,’ meaning ‘alive,’ represents our dedication to making your brand more than just a name; we want it to be a vibrant, living entity that moves people to take action.

The brands we create not only embodies these principles but we also a pay attention to every detail to ensure a consistent and exceptional experience for your target audience. From the moment they navigate to your website, explore it, and achieve your specific end goal of scheduling a call, signing up, or making a purchase. We understand that the entire journey, both behind the scenes and client-facing, matters.

With our Strategic Planning, Branding, SEO Driven Websites and Brand Powerhouse Marketing Solutions we elevate your brand and captivate your audience in meaningful ways.

Meeting You Where You're At
Empower Your Success with Elite Branding and Marketing Services

Discover your business’s full potential with our value-adding project solutions. Every step matters when building a business, whether you need a singular or multi-project approach. Let’s create the blueprint for your success and ensure every decision propels your business forward.



Embark on a transformative journey with Brand Navigator. Our Strategy Sessions are your compass to navigate the complex world of branding. We’ll help you chart a clear path to brand success, guiding you through every twist and turn. From defining your unique identity to crafting a powerful strategy, we’re here to ensure your brand reaches its destination, thriving and making an impact.

Nonprofit Organization


Our Nonprofit Organizational Development, includes comprehensive solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

We empower you and your team to drive forward with clarity, purpose, and effectiveness.

Branding & web Design


Our Signature Spark is an integrative project that guides you through key phases, empowering you to confidently launch or reshape your brand.

Tailored for both new ventures and impactful rebranding journeys it is designed with your joy, impact, and goals in mind.


Brand Powerhouse


Our dynamic collaboration that powers your brand forward. With our monthly services, we become an extension of your team, providing the energy, strategy, and resources your brand needs to thrive consistently. Together, we’ll amplify your brand’s impact, ensuring it stands strong in the ever-evolving market, ready to take on new challenges and seize opportunities.

Courses & programs

Entrepreneur Launch Academy

Our bespoke service offers organizations the unique opportunity to hire elite vivants – distinguished experts in their fields – to lead transformative courses and workshops. We believe in the power of exceptional education, and we’re here to ensure that your organization receives nothing less.

Strategic Results

Unlocking Success: With our Strategic Approach

At Elite Vivant branding and marketing agency, we collaborate closely with clients to craft tailored strategies that align with their unique goals and vision. Through in-depth consultations and transparent communication, we ensure that every aspect of our work reflects the essence of their brand while delivering impactful results.


We Thrive Above, previously known as GBU Consultants, faced challenges with their outdated website lacking branding and a clear value proposition.

Utilizing our business accelerator program, we collaborated closely to refine their Unique Value Proposition, ensuring clarity and differentiation. Subsequently, we crafted a cohesive brand identity that not only represented growth but also firmly established We Thrive Above as a go-to resource for personal and professional development. Additionally, we designed and launched their new WordPress website, seamlessly facilitating the onboarding of new subscribers.

Web Design for a consultant beforeWeb Design for a consultant After

"We've embraced a more empathetic and client-centered approach, resulting in increased satisfaction and project success. I highly endorse Elite Vivant's programs for organizations seeking a human-centric and transformative approach to business growth." - Symlia Britt | We Thrive Above

Explore a few of our recent projects

The Healing Phase

The Healing Phase prioritizes the natural path to wellness, focusing on personalized health coaching to assist you in regaining vitality and achieving holistic well-being, all in harmony with the healing wonders of nature.


Personal Branding

Web Design

Workflow Development

Product Design

Graphic Design

Little Zen Yogis

Little Zen Yogis is a nurturing children’s yoga and wellness program that introduces young ones to the joys of mindfulness and physical well-being through playful and engaging yoga practices. 

Brand Identity

Web Design & Copywriting

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Linkedin Optimization

Brand Powerhouse Partnership

Atlas Park Consulting

Atlas Park Consulting is a preeminent practice management, coaching, and consultancy firm dedicated to empowering independent financial advisors and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

Brand Identity

Web Design

SEO Optimization

Brand Collateral

Brand Powerhouse Partnership

The Novation Lab

The Novation Lab, powered by The Good Rural and The Dream Keepers Initiative, serves as San Francisco’s community incubator, providing free computer access, essential career resources, and valuable business support.

Brand Identity

Web Design

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Brand Powerhouse Partnership

STEM Frenzy

STEM Frenzy is dedicated to its mission of offering leadership and technical education to K-12 students from diverse backgrounds within underserved communities in San Francisco, CA.

Brand Identity

Web Design

Social Media Management

Event Support & Workflows

Email Marketing

Brand Powerhouse Partnership


Latifah and her team at Elite Vivant have been a blessing to us since we launched The STEM Frenzy in 2021. They really took the time to understand our mission and values. We collaborated to ensure that our logo, website, social media presence, and email marketing strategies - continue to engage and connect with the community we serve.
Their assistance in marketing, streamlining exhibitor sign-ups, and attendee registrations was essential to the event's success. We are so grateful for their continued support.

Delia Fitzpatrick Founder of STEM Frenzy

Working with Elite Vivant was a transformative experience for my brand, Little Zen Yogis. From the very start, I felt the dedication and passion that Latifah and her team brought to the table. They seamlessly wove together branding, web design, and social media management to create a cohesive and captivating online presence. The impact was immediate. Our launch campaign, not only grew our interest list but provided us with a clear roadmap for follow-up.

Ashantia R. Owner Certified Yoga Instructor | Little Zen Yogis

I am so grateful that I was referred to Latifah for my logo design and personal branding! She took the time to understand what I wanted to accomplish and she delivered. Latifah's prompt and professional service was exactly what I needed to launch my business! I highly recommend Latifah for anyone needing assistance with their marketing, branding, and/or website!

Leah Davis Leah Coaching | Wealth & Wellness Coach for Women of color

Where do I begin?! Latifah Abdur is an amazing marketing and branding consultant who is authentic, personable, professional and an expert in her craft! She was able to bring my financial services and consulting business vision to life with creativity, freshness, pop! My website is amazing and it has impressed everyone who's seen it! Not only that, she did my professional photos, developed my brand and continues to support me in my business. A one stop shop branding and marketing agency necessity for any business owner. I HIGHLY recommend her services -- you will not be disappointed!!

Cameo Roberson Atlas Park Consulting | Coach for Financial Advisors

By implementing specific productivity tools aligned with our business goals for us to capture and grow our client base. She not only provided guidance but she engaged with us every step of the way to ensure we were properly trained on how to continue to maintain and grow our business. If you are looking for someone who knows how to take an idea from inception to completion or someone who has a keen eye and talent for operational efficiency then you need not look any further.

Sheryl Grant Sherly Grant Enterprise

Ready to get your idea out of your head and in front of your dream clients, decision makers or those you intend to impact?