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How long does a website take to develop?

Our Ready to Launch website can take up to 6 weeks to Launch.

What is the typical workflow of a website?

Week 1: Customer Consultation | Design Details

Weeks 2: Content Request

Week 3: Input Content and Determine SEO keywords for each page

Week 4: Client Website Reveal

Week 5: Client Approval | Final Test

Week 6: Website Launches | Transfer Site Agreement

Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes, payment plans are available which allows any beauty or bodywork to the opportunity to invest in there business responsible. Payment plans can be divided up weekly or monthly in a 4 month time-span.

Payment dates are agreed upon by both parties and will incur a 10% late fee on any payment that is overdue by 7 days.

Sites that are on a payment plan will not be transferred as complete until final payment.

The Elite Vivant Group has rights to terminate any site that is 30 days late on payment.

What happens after my website is complete?

After a transfer agreement the site belongs to the client and is fully there responsibility to maintain.

We provide a initial training on how to navigate the website and recommend you back up the entire site before making any changes,

If you want to sit back and let us take care of all the technical things we offer monthly maintenance.

We are here to answer your question. Do not hesitate to ask.

“Better to ask a question than to remain ignorant” -Proverb