The Ultimate Guide To A Creating A Branded Website

Almost every stage in the sales funnel can be completed online these days. That means that your leads will likely start off at your website. If your website is lacking in telling your brand’s story, they won’t stay. This guide hopes to help you boost conversions through your branded website.

Every successful company that’s currently in the modern market has one thing in common: a strongly branded website. Think about it. When you go to a major retailer’s website, it stands out. This is largely because their branding is consistent and helps push their brand’s story. If your business is conducted solely online, this is even more true. However, no matter how much of your business relies on the Internet, you need to master the art of a branded website. You only get one first impression, and if even a quarter of your leads find you online, this first impression needs to be great.

Where to Start

Previously, we’ve discussed Brand Identity and how that creates a visual representation of who you are and what you do. A huge component of a well-branded website is the element of a strong brand identity. It’s important to map out your color palettes, font choices, and overall tonality before putting these pieces into your website.

Once you have your brand identity kit, you can begin implementing these into the full website. Your logo should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of each page. This location is eye-catching without distracting the viewer from the overall message of the page.


Again, depending on your budget, this will look differently for everyone. However, it is a good idea to map out at minimum the website page names before getting started with a professional designer.

Remember, it’s important to consider the overall voice of your brand when creating your branded website. If you want to appear more whimsical and playful, choose a template with suitable colors. Light pinks and blues work well if you’re going for a youthful vibe, while monochromatic black and white allows you to appear professional and classic.

The psychology behind brands and colors is a very real thing. For example, brands who deal with money (such as financial advisors) often choose green as their statement color. Not only does green relate to money, but is also the color of balance, harmony and growth. It’s an incredibly versatile color, so even brands who veer away from these niches have been known to use it as their staple.


Some people may argue that content is even more important than a sleek appearance in your website. What good is it if your site looks amazing, but lacks in high-quality content? The good thing about website content is that there really is no one-size-fits-all. Your most important goal is to make sure that the content pushes your brand’s narrative. A consistent voice should be present in all content on your website. Even the fine details. You may think that nobody’s looking there, but if it’s published, someone is going to!

Each piece of website copy needs to be error-free and meaningful. Grammatically correct does not mean dry! In fact, if your content is error-free, it’s more likely to hold the attention span of your audience. If you can’t outsource your website copy-writing, tools like Grammarly help with both basic and advanced grammatical checks. You don’t want to have a published website with the wrong form of your and you’re! (It happens, though!)

We also offer a content creation service where we can help you with additional copy for your website. This includes blog and social media content, as well! Our goal is to make it easier for you to use your consistent voice throughout all your channels quickly and efficiently.

Our final tip is to make sure that you’re using clear and relevant images throughout your website. Imagery can be a useful engagement tool if you’re using it correctly. These images can direct leads to your services and get them excited about it before diving in. Also, make sure your website is mobile friendly. Odds are, at least half of your leads will be accessing your website on their mobile device. Think about it – how often do you do your online shopping from your phone?

Now that you understand the importance of a branded website, it’s time to put it to the test! Complete our New Client Questionnaire so that we can understand your needs and provide the best fit solutions.

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How to Create A Brand Identity That Sells

How do you stand out in a saturated sea of competing brands? Your brand identity is what separates you from the rest. It shows your audience who you are, instead of just telling them. These tips will help you establish your brand’s identity.

There are pros and cons with how businesses operate these days. One of the biggest pros that can also be a con is that everybody can run a business online. If you have a decent enough amount of knowledge on a subject, the odds are that you can get a business up and running in a short amount of time. However, the key to longevity is building up a consistent and recognizable brand. Some of the most successful and iconic brands, like Apple and Coca-Cola have mastered the use of branding to attract a loyal fan base. Their use of icons and symbols helps set them apart. What can you learn from these brands to create your own brand identity that survives the test of time?

Give your audience the full picture.

Your brand identity is extra-important when you’re trying to stand out online and elsewhere. Many consider the logo that you choose to be the face of your company, but everything else that goes into your branding could arguably be your company’s face as well.

Think about it. Everything from your color palette, to the voice you use to write copy, to the way that you choose to advertise is going to be someone’s first impression of you. Ideally, that someone would be a lead that goes through your sales funnel and follows through. So, why not make sure that your first impression is polished and professional. But, speaking of logos…

It’s more than a logo.

A good logo will get you far, but you can’t rely on it to tell your brand’s story. Your logo is, however, almost like the face of your company. Think about iconic logos that you’ve seen before. Amazon’s logo, for example, has a smile hidden within it to allow customers to associate Amazon with happiness. This logo is easily recognizable, along with the brand’s assistant tool, Alexa.

Colors also tie into the visual aspects of branding. For example, the orange in Amazon’s logo (namely the smile itself) is supposed to represent friendliness and playfulness. Their serif font ties the package together with one of their gift-wrap bows. This all culminates into Amazon’s overall goal of appearing approachable, reliable, and user-friendly.

Your logo will likely be the first piece to your visual branding puzzle. Consider the following when you get started:

  • Color helps give off psychological effects. Target’s bright red invites a younger and more passionate crowd. This is seen within their avid fanbase.

  • Fonts also represent your brand’s personality. Serif fonts represent trustworthiness, as seen in the Amazon example above. Sans serif literally means “without serif.” This helps you appear more modernized. Cursive fonts are very whimsical in nature and help if you are trying to appear as youthful.
  • Shapes also determine the demeanor of your brand. Stiff lines are great for financial advisors, as they represent efficiency. However, don’t make yourself seem too stiff! You still want your audience to know you. Circles evoke feelings of togetherness. This would be good for a coach, because you would already appear to be approachable.

Target also uses shapes and fonts to their advantage. Their sans serif font and circle logo brand them as whimsical and playful, which works well with their dog icon that they use in other forms of marketing. Next time you’re online shopping, pay attention to the brand’s logo. See what techniques they used to tell their story quickly to make a good first impression.

We can help you create the perfect logo for your business. Together, we’ll go over everything that makes your brand stand out and conceptualize it into a tangible logo. This way, you won’t have to sit through the process of trying out many different options before one sticks.

Getting down to business

Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to create an actionable plan. The first thing that we do is create a blueprint for you. Mapping out your ideas and create a branding kit. First, we do a research of your customer personas. Knowing who your brand will or already appeals to helps you create items like your logo.

Then, it’s time to create the blueprint itself. Lay out everything that we know about your brand. This includes the emotions that you want to evoke as well as the stories you want to tell. Referring to your brand’s mission helps here. The whole thing should encompass your overall goal as well as core values. We help you refine these values and create branding that sells.

Finally, it’s time to put your brand’s voice to use. Think about things like tonality. How serious do you need to be for your specific services or products? Do you need to get a little more sentimental? This is another place where understanding your demographic is important.

When we work together, you’ll be able to get it right the first time. Eliminating the trial and error process puts you ahead of the learning curve. Working with us can get you several steps ahead of the game.

Finally, remember…

Originality is key! You don’t want to copy your competitors. We’ll make sure your designs are original as possible. Not only is this the morally correct thing to do, but, you won’t be able to stand out if you look just like everybody else.

As long as you’re consistent with all of your branding, leads will be able to see that you’re a reliable voice in your field. Now that you know all the steps to create your branding kits, it’s time to put them to use! Your homework is to begin outlining your ideas, and complete our New Client Questionnaire so that we can see if we are a good fit. We can’t wait to help you bring your visions to life!

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