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12 Website Integration That Will Instantly Improve Your User Experience

Elite Vivant  Business Tips   12 Website Integration That Will Instantly Improve Your User Experience

12 Website Integration That Will Instantly Improve Your User Experience

Making your website user-friendly will keep new visitors interested in much longer periods of time. With these 12 integrations, the user experience is improved instantly.

Websites have come a long way within the past decade. It used to take a village to create a site that looked presentable and worked efficiently. These days, though, it is so much easier to do that. Integrating simple elements into your site will grasp your audience’s attention as well as provide them with an overall pleasant user-experience.

1. Payment Gateway

PayPal is perhaps the most famous payment gateway there is! Their commitment to security has made them a pioneer for payment gateways. The system is as close to a point-of-sale experience that your customers would get at a physical store. Using a payment gateway makes the final sale quick, easy, and safe for your customers.

2. Email Popup/Embed Form

You do have a mailing list, right? An email popup should be the first thing, or one of the first things, that a new visitor sees upon entering your site. Platforms like MailChimp make it easy to integrate an email popup into your website.

Pro Tip: incentives like a free week-long trial of your service or a 10% coupon for your most popular product work wonders.

3. CRM Platform

Want to organize your leads in one spot as they travel through your sales funnel? A Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM) is software that allows you to digitally organize your leads’ information. This tool is great if you’re either newly starting out with sales funnels or you’re fine tuning an already working one. It allows you to ditch the paperwork and keep everything in one, convenient location.

4. Videos

Videos are one of the most compelling forms of content out there. Depending on your needs, it’d be worth it to think about the length of your videos and how much editing will need to go into them. Editing programs such as iMovie for Apple’s OS have become incredibly easy to navigate for beginners. A quick search for a tutorial on YouTube will make you a video editing pro in minutes!

The physical process of integrating videos to your website will depend largely on the platform you use to run it. These days, most platforms feature a simple widget to


5. Appointment Calendar

Client appointments are super important to a lot of independent businesses. In fact, they’re crucial for many! Having an appointment calendar system that’s easy to use will make leads be more likely to schedule an appointment. Websites like Calendly are easy for both you and your leads to use!


6. Chatbot

A chatbot is a simple yet essential form of communication between you and your leads! This artificial intelligence system can provide customer service to your clients right from your website. Chatbox really is a Smart tool. It remembers chat history and logs. Also, it stores information about your services so that it can help your clients through many different questions.


7. Social Sharing

A not-so-secret tip to gaining more leads is by having the ones that already know and love you spread the word! Think of social sharing like “old school” networking. You no longer have to meet up face-to-face or make a ton of phone calls to generate new leads. When you integrate social sharing through a service like Share This, the leads come to you!

8. Instagram Feed

Having a compelling instagram feed is essential in modern-business. This almost fills in for a traditional television commercial. Instagram can be used to promote your services while also actively engaging with your audience.


Smash Balloon does the work for you. It’s a simple WordPress plugin that updates your website with your Instagram content as you upload it!

9. Google Analytics

As you’re keeping a close track of your sales funnels, Google Analytics are really helpful to pay attention to. This article can get you started quickly and give you a deeper understanding of how it all works. They track your demographics and the amount of daily traffic that your site receives.

10. Yoast SEO

Yoast helps you optimize keywords for SEO purposes. This makes your site way more searchable. The thing that makes Yoast stand out in the crowd is that it optimized all keywords, placing your content higher up on SERPs.

11.Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a tool that helps you track your ad performance. It also optimizes them so that they’re shown to the correct people, so the right leads are drawn to your business. Running Facebook ads is one of the most lucrative forms of modern advertising. They’re shown to an enormous audience all at once, and their clickable nature drives results.

12. Grammarly

Grammarly is the ultimate editor for your content if you’re running a DIY project. In fact, we used Grammarly to edit this blog post. 😉 It’s super convenient, and the free version will help you with any basic grammar corrections. If you need something more advanced, the paid-for version of Grammarly will help with things like syntax.

Having perfect or near-perfect grammar on your website makes your content more appealing and readable. If errors are too prevalent, the likelihood of your audience losing interest increases. Plus, proper grammar makes you appear to be more professional!

Which one are you most excited to try out or find the most valuable? Let us know in the comments!

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