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4 Tips That Will Help Financial Advisors Generate Leads That Last

Financial advisors have a tough task when it comes to lead generation. They must modernize their approach to sales, and sometimes it can be tricky to see how these tactics will work for them. However, we have solutions that work like a charm!

Gone are the days when cold calling was an effective approach to lead generation for anybody running any business. These days, that’s actually one of the least effective ways to do it. Newspaper ads and magazines are expensive with little return while many people get their news from Social Media.

With all that being said, financial advisors have to modernize their approach to lead generation. But, sometimes it’s difficult to understand where to put your digital marketing efforts and how it will benefit your business. These tips will help financial advisors learn how adapting to new lead generation techniques will give them the growth they desire!

1. Use the Power of Social Media

Social media could easily be considered as the most helpful tool to any business owner ever. And, I know, that’s a drastic generalization to make. But, it’s true! There is just so much that you can do with it. Everyone uses it. The connections that you can make online are virtually limitless. (See what I did there?)

It’s all a matter of knowing which platforms work for you. LinkedIn is great for financial advisors. You can filter through your own contacts and find the ones that are most likely to want to work with you. Also, LinkedIn is generally used by many high-profile clients. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself!

2. Put Yourself Out There At Webinars and Workshops

These days, we’re finding new ways to stay connected while we can’t physically be together. This is true for networking events such as workshops, where you’d traditionally gather in a hall or ballroom and interact with like-minded people.

When all this is over, we’re all likely to transfer some of these less-traditional meeting methods over to our new routines. Webinars and workshops will be a guiding light for financial advisors while they generate leads. This investment is one that’s well worth it. Beyond the connections you’ll make, you’ll also gather some valuable knowledge!

3. Rethink Your Advertisement

Did you know that the location of your ads is just as important as the quality of them. As we mentioned earlier, social media is a marketplace for leads. Imagine how much power social media ads could have for your business!

Facebook and Google are some of the most popular ad platforms out there. That’s not without reason. They’re user-friendly and their algorithm is built for business owners to get the most traction possible. Don’t forget to do some split testing of your marketing message and creatives to ensure that your audience is connecting and that you are not wasting advertising dollars.

4. Update Your Website

How long has it been since you’ve updated your website? If you’re unsure of the answer to that question, it is probably time to give yourself a much-needed revamp. A clean, professional, and user-friendly website increases the chance of leads following through. Providing them with valuable content such as relevant blog posts containing info they’d need (like this one 😉 will get them interested in what else you have to offer!

Now that you know how to generate more leads as a financial advisor, we would love to hear your thoughts! What tip are you thinking of using first? Let us know in the comments!

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