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5 Quick Strategies to Attract Your Dream Clients On Social Media

Elite Vivant  Digital Marketing   5 Quick Strategies to Attract Your Dream Clients On Social Media

5 Quick Strategies to Attract Your Dream Clients On Social Media

Social media can be the quickest way to find new clients. But, the trick is to find the right ones for you.

Do you know the phrase, “quality over quantity?” This especially applies to the clients you want to draw in. While it seems like a dream to have a large roster of clients at a time, a better goal would be to have the right ones. This does not mean that attracting lots of clients isn’t the result you want eventually. It simply suggests that longevity is key. A client that stays with you for a long time is a better option than one that will not.

With that being said, social media is a grand tool. It’s the best networking tool that has been created to date. The number of platforms available to you can be intimidating. However, having a general understanding of how businesses build a following will help you gain clients on almost any given platform.
Here are a few tips to start with:

1. Build your brand, and stick with it.

Consistency really is key to social media. Branding isn’t just about aesthetics, although that is a large part of it. A brand’s story is what convinces a potential client to invest in your services. If there’s a piece missing, they may stray away. Considering your brand to be a piece of a much bigger puzzle helps within creating what makes you stand out.

This can manifest in your mission statement or a core service you offer. When you showcase this on social media, clients are more likely to take you seriously. Showing off what makes you valuable retains their attention.

2. Think about different kinds of ads.

The major players with ads are Google and Facebook. Each one works differently, but both work in your favor. Google AdWords is the biggest platform for social media advertising. If you have an ad on a page that works well for your brand, more potential clients will click on it. This is where knowledge of SEO works in your favor. Having powerful keywords helps you stand out in the eyes of SERPs.

3. Read the room.

Consistently using the correct tone for your audience builds reliability. This also manifests in the form of understanding your demographic. Knowing how to speak to the people you’re selling to will make you more relatable and valuable to them. It’s like when you’re reading a book or watching a movie. If the narrator isn’t reliable, you’re less likely to keep paying attention.

4. Consistently create exciting content.

It’s one thing to have killer services and a cohesive brand story. These will help draw clients to you, but constantly creating content that is exciting and productive to them will make them stay. This also adds to the concept of making you a “reliable narrator.” Frequently providing content around your niche field solidified your place as a pro. People want to turn to experts for help, and you want to be an expert.

5. Understand the different platforms.

There are several different heavy hitters in the social media game. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook come to mind immediately for most people. Learning how to navigate each effectively can be difficult for some. However, this again comes with a deeper understanding of your demographic. Knowing where they’re likely to congregate helps you determine what platform will benefit you the most in the long run.

Using social media to your advantage is one of the best ways to get your dream clients. If you strategize effectively, they’ll come to you like moths to a light. What’s more is that they’ll be likely to stay, providing you with the longevity you desire. Set aside some time to study social media and build your dream clientele today!

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