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Nonprofit Organization Development:
Nonprofit VIP Boost Day.

Lead with Confidence. Drive Growth and Impact

Our Nonprofit Organizational Development, includes comprehensive solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

We empower you and your team to drive forward with clarity, purpose, and effectiveness.

Are you ready to lead your nonprofit with confidence and drive change?

Starting and growing your nonprofit is equally exciting and challenging. As a nonprofit founder, you understand it takes passion and dedication to bring your vision to life. Yet, while following your purpose of making an impact, you often find yourself struggling to empower your board of directors, standardize processes, and ensure organizational sustainability.

You crave guidance and support to overcome these challenges to propel your organization forward. Because the possibility of stagnation, inefficiency, or even failure, directly impacts those you intend to serve. 

As a partner and board member to nonprofits, we recognize these struggles. Our mission is to eliminate your frustrations, help you fulfill your purpose, and alleviate your fears by providing tailored solutions that empower your organization to thrive. Together, let’s transform your challenges into opportunities for growth and impact.

Our Nonprofit VIP Boost Day ...

Empower your Nonprofit’s Growth

Comprehensive Solutions for Governance, Evaluation, Collaboration, Technology and beyond. 

We empower nonprofits to make life-changing impacts by offering essential support to strengthen leadership, amplify their reach, maximize effectiveness, and deliver impact that will transform lives.

Strategic Planning

Assist nonprofits in developing long-term strategic plans to guide their mission, vision, and goals. Help them identify priorities, opportunities, and potential challenges.

Board of Directors HQ

Provide organized dashboard to improve governance, leadership, and effectiveness. Offer guidance on board orientation, rules, responsibilities and performance evaluation.

Program Evaluation

Help nonprofits assess the impact and effectiveness of their programs and services. Develop evaluation frameworks, conduct data analysis, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Organizational Assessment

Conduct assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement within the organization. Offer recommendations for enhancing organizational capacity, setting correct KPIs, infrastructure, and sustainability.

Technology Consulting

Advise nonprofits on the use of technology to streamline operations, improve communication, and enhance efficiency. Offer guidance on selecting and implementing software solutions for fundraising, donor management, and overall communication.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Facilitate collaboration, optimize resources, and craft impactful messages for collective impact across sectors.

How The Nonprofit Boost
VIP Day works.

Discovery Call

We'll schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your needs and ensure we're aligned with your objectives. With both full-day and half-day options available, we'll recommend the best fit for your organization. For those seeking an extra boost, additional half or full VIP days are always an option.

Book & Plan Your VIP Day

After finalizing the details, you'll secure your VIP day booking. Shortly after, you'll receive a questionnaire to provide us with more insights and kickstart the agenda for our VIP day. We'll then schedule a planning call to ensuring we're prepared for the VIP day.

VIP Boost Day

On the scheduled day, we review the agenda and dive straight into action. Prior to the session, we extensively prepare by creating tailored materials such as your nonprofit dashboard, worksheets, activities, or processes, aligning with your project's requirements. This intensive full or half day session entails hands-on collaboration, whether in-person or virtually, with a scheduled 30-minute break included

Post VIP Day Recordings

During implementation, if new tools or software are introduced, we'll provide you with additional resources and training videos for seamless utilization.


You'll receive two weeks of email support and a 30-minute follow-up call after your VIP Day to address any questions or concerns related to our work together during the session.

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule your initial discovery call and take the first step towards unlocking your nonprofit’s full potential. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in your organization’s impact and effectiveness.

nonprofit organizational development - VIP Day

Elite Vivant helped us to track, monitor, and grow our business with specific tools along with her insights, and knowledge of how we as a small business could scale our business easily and effortlessly. 

By implementing specific productivity tools aligned with our business goals for us to capture and grow our client base. She not only provided guidance but she engaged with us every step of the way to ensure we were properly trained on how to continue to maintain and grow our business. 

-Sheryl Grant

Transform your nonprofit organization

Let’s Identify Your Nonprofit Needs &
Boost Impact.

Nonprofit Boost VIP Day

Full-Day (8 hours): $3,000 | Half-Day (4 hours): $1500

Our Nonprofit Needs Assessment VIP Day is tailored for founders and executive directors ready to streamline their nonprofit’s organizational development. Picture an immersive experience where our team works closely with you to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, uncover the challenges, and define and implement what it takes to operate your nonprofit with clarity, confidence, and efficiency.