Develop a brand that makes a difference, and people will line up to support and work with you! 

From Concept to Launch and Beyond, Elite Vivant will lead your strategic brand journey, empowering you to cultivate brand consistency and forge meaningful connections as you grow, scale, and truly thrive.​

Let's Keep It Real

As long as you keep sweeping your challenges and excuses under the rug, the sooner it piles up, and you trip and fall, impacting your growth and financial stability. OUCH.

Captain Obvious Moment

Creating a successful, sustainable business will take hard work. – Your great idea, the service you provide, or how you intend to impact will only work with an effective strategy.

Hi there, I'm Latifah

Founder & Brand Strategist of Elite Vivant

I have been an entrepreneur for 16 years and have fallen and gotten back up more times than I can remember. In the beginning, I was learning as a go, making mistakes, pivoting, and, most importantly, building resilience.
I started Elite Vivant in 2016 because I wanted to be that hand that lifts entrepreneurs up and supports them in creating businesses that brings them joy, profits, and impact in the lives of the people they serve.
I wanted to be what I needed and who I wanted to surround myself with, and I am blessed to do this every day.

Branding, Web Design and Marketing Strategies that turn your Superpowers into SUCCESS!

Meet The Team

The Elite Vivant team is a powerhouse that helps you establish a brand that connects. We utilize branding, web design, and marketing strategies to support you in creating a business that makes you proud.
Each team member has a -particular set of skills to enhance your experience and results.

We are not team no sleep – nor mass confusion, and we don’t want you to run your life and business that way either.

Latifah Abdur

Founder & Brand Strategist


Graphic & Brand Designer


Content Writer


Social Media Strategist


Web Designer & Developer


Analytics Consultant

My passion for supporting entrepreneurs has developed into true client friendships.

Happy clients and what feels like millions of hours of educating ourselves and implementing  TAILORED solutions. 

We know what works to help you attract, educate and enable those you serve to work with you.

I lead my team and clients with compassion, clarity, and structure, and the results of our togetherness are featured in ForbesFood Network Magazine, and Essence, to name a few. 

Since the beginning of 2016, Elite Vivant has supported some go-getting entrepreneurs and thought leaders with a similar drive and intent to walk in their power just like you.

Those who understand that they can delegate tasks instead of spending valuable time Frankenstein-ing a business together. 

Because we all need support, and I am sure you didn’t start your business to be stuck in the “struggle” or “survival mode.”

Trusted By

Latifah’s prompt and professional service was exactly what I needed to launch my business! I highly recommend Latifah for anyone needing assistance with their marketing, branding, and/or website!”

Leah Davis | Wealth and Wellness Coach For Women Of Color

We are honored to be a part of the success of many passionate entrepreneurs and brands who we believe in and who believe in us.

LeahDavis-photo by Emily Kim Photography

Photo Credit: Emily Kim Photography

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