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How Brand Strategy Sessions Can Help You Reach Your Brand’s Potential

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How Brand Strategy Sessions Can Help You Reach Your Brand’s Potential


Brand strategy sessions can help you at any stage of your business’s life cycle. These sessions aim to give you a clearer image of your business, and what was preventing you from achieving your goals.


A brand strategy session is a lot like therapy for your business. These sessions give your brand the TLC it needs to reach its full potential. Often, it can be hard to run a diagnostic test on your own. Working with a team to analyze your brand’s strategy can give you a new perspective that you couldn’t have gotten by yourself. Remember, your brand is how your clients recognize your reputation. Everything they see in your branding is their first impression. And, from there, it’s what they use to remember you in the future.


If there are inconsistencies, they’ll notice. If they notice the inconsistencies, they’ll lose interest.


When do brand strategy sessions work best?
You don’t need to be a new business to reap the benefits of brand strategy sessions. However, if you are, it is strongly recommended that you start off with one. This way, you can avoid consistency issues from the get-go.


If you’re more established, though, you can use brand strategy sessions to overcome any obstacles you’re facing when it comes to reaching your goals. Sometimes, that may mean a complete overhaul, otherwise known as a rebrand.


Rebranding is a tricky process. It’s almost like walking on a tightrope. One misstep in this balancing act and it can throw you even farther off course. Your audience knows you at this point, and a complete rebrand could make them lose sight of the relationship you’ve established.


What happens in a brand strategy session?
A brand strategy session can last a few hours or an entire day, depending on your needs. In more severe cases, several sessions are required to reach your desired goal.

During the session, we have a massive brainstorming powwow. Here, we work together to identify the key factors missing in your brand that’s making it inconsistent. These are most effective when everybody who can provide valuable input is there.


What’s the outcome?
After a brand strategy session, your overall vision for the future will feel much clearer. Your brand story will feel more defined. This story should progress like chapters in a novel. There should be no fillers. The session is the outline to the novel. It’s the steppingstone for the rest of it to flow smoothly and effectively.


Where do I start?
I’m launching a brand strategy session service where we can work together to run a diagnostic test on everything that’s missing for you right now, and much, much more! In our session, we’ll be able to build your buyer’s persona. This is essentially an avatar for your demographic (explained here). From there, it’s much easier to establish your goals and what digital marketing tools you’ll need to achieve them.


Then, we can analyze your existing digital channels and outlets and see what is working and what isn’t. Finally, we can audit your media campaigns, both earned and owned. This 90 minute call aims to help you paint a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be.


If you feel like your brand needs a touch-up or a full-on makeover, don’t hesitate to schedule an hour to 90-minute call with me (here)! I can’t wait to work with you and help you tell your brand’s story.

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